Hey there! My name is Rachel Harrell. I’m a 23 year old wife and mother. I’m decidedly in favor of DIY projects and decidedly against mom-shaming. This blog is my place to take a stand against superiority and to share ways to thrive in motherhood. My hope is that you leave this site feeling validated and encouraged in your mom-bilities.


A little about me:

My husband, Chris, and I got married in June of 2015 and were pregnant by October. We didn’t plan on having our precious Will so early in our marriage. I wanted five years with just Chris before having kids. But I think God laughs sometimes when we tell him our plans. Luckily his plans turn out so much better than ours do.

We recently moved out to Maryland from Colorado so Chris could take a job contracting with the Naval Research Laboratory and NASA. We love to spend our weekends exploring our new state as a little family and trying to survive outside in the swampiness of Maryland in the summer.

This is my sweet little family! Chris is my husband and William is our baby boy.

If you are new here, I would suggest starting with these posts.

Why I Quit Breastfeeding

When he turned six months old, I decided to quit breastfeeding my son. No, I didn’t have low supply. No, I didn’t have a medical condition or need medications that made my milk unsafe. And no, he had no problem with nursing. I was simply sick of it. I was ready to have my life and body back. I was ready to let my husband take some of the responsibility of feeding Will every three hours. I was ready for a little more freedom in my life. Read More…

I let my child eat a stick this weekend...

We went camping with some good friends this weekend in western Maryland. It was a great time of camp fires, hiking and s’mores. And my little one, Will, got the dirtiest he has ever been. It was heaven on earth for him. He’s only eleven months old, but I am already working on not being a helicopter mom. I’ve decided that he needs to make his own mistakes, learn some things the hard way, and eat some sticks and dirt along the way. Read More…

The Problem with My Planning

I’m a planner. I like having a plan and sticking to it. Winging anything terrifies me unless we planned to wing it; even then, I’d prefer to plan it out. If we are going into the city for a day, I like to have parking prearranged, know exactly what museums we are visiting, and what we are doing for each meal. If we hang out with friends, I like to know if we are playing games or watching a movie ahead of time. Read More…

Panic, Postpartum, and Pressing On

My journey with depression and anxiety started my sophomore year of high school. Looking back on it now, I can see all the signs of cyclic depression  (commonly known as recurrent depression), even though I had no idea what was going on at the time. I’d down-cycle into loneliness, numbness, and emptiness. My world would come crashing down for months at a time. And then, the fog would lift, and I would be back to my normal self for a while. Read More…

If you ever have any questions, want to chat, or are interested in guest posting, please email me at rachel@thenaptimeprojects.com, use the contact form below, or reach out to me on social media. I look forward to connecting with you!

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