Sometimes as moms, we have hard days, or even just down right bad days. You aren’t getting things done that need to be done, the toddler is on their fifth tantrum of the day, and you haven’t even gotten to eat your own breakfast yet. We’ve all been there. You need just five minutes alone to breathe and recompose before handling that screaming child. Sometimes, I need someone to sympathize with me and validate what I’m dealing with, and sometimes I just need to laugh before I burst into tears.

While a good girlfriend or your mom are always good options, sometimes they aren’t available. In those times, who better to turn to than the mommy bloggers. And let me just say, we have some hilarious mommy bloggers on the web these days.

I’ve decided to round up six of my favorite, go-to (and so so funny) articles that I use on my hard days. These ladies have been there and have a way of sarcastically making it through the day and helping me make it through mine feeling a bit better.

I give you permission to now lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes to just laugh. And if you can’t fit it all in before the little fingers start peeking under the door and the incessant “momomomomomomom” starts, bookmark it and come back when you need another five minutes of laugh-so-you-don’t-cry time.

*Some of these articles do contain strong language*

**All following articles are the property of the blog listed. All pictures and content belong to that blog and not to The Naptime Projects.**


Ten Parent Pro-Tips: Hacks for Surviving With Littles

These ten pro-tips will help you get through the rest of your rough day. And don’t forget number 10: “If you want to eat something and not have to share it with a toddler, HIDE! I’ve eaten many a cookie and snuck lots of ice cream hiding beside our fridge where my toddler can’t see me. #sorrynotsorry”


Are YOU a Hot Mess Mom?!

I definitely am a Hot Mess Mom. And this article confirmed it.


Moms, Repeat After Me: You Are Normal

Most people have heard of or seen Kristina Kuzmic, The Truth Bomb Mom, on some social media platform or another. There is a reason she is so popular. She is hilarious! And validating. I love this funny but truthful video of hers.


The 8 Stages of Dinnertime with a Toddler

I swear we go through all eight stages at almost every meal. She gets it spot on.


Why Are Moms Always So Tired?

Obviously the answer is that we relax too much and get way too much sleep.


I Fed My Kids Pop Tarts For Lunch | And 11 Other Ways I Was Just an Okay Mom Today

Sometimes we feed our kids pop tarts for lunch and are just okay moms. That’s okay.




What are some of your favorite go to pick-me-ups? Share in the comments below!



  1. Love this post so much! I think it is so important to embrace and support one another, and to LAUGH! Being a mom isn’t easy…if I couldn’t find humor in it I might drown! XO

  2. Thanks! I needed the chuckles! My favorite pick me up is an episode of Fixer Upper!

  3. I love this! With two boys my days are always crazy. Now it’s finding the time to lock myself away and read the articles! Thanks for posting these I can’t wait to read each one.

  4. Great list LOL, I love Hot Mess Mom’s videos.

  5. I love it when we can laugh at ourselves! these are great!!

  6. Haha!
    I love this… It keeps us grounded and sane to know we aren’t the only kid crazy circus running around town. ?

  7. Totally bookmarking this to read more when I’m having one of “those” days, which is only about 4-5 days out of the week. ?


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