My name is Rachel Harrell. I’m a 22 year old wife and mother. My son, William, is 6 months old, and my husband, Chris, is my favorite man in the whole world. We recently moved out to Maryland from Colorado so my husband could take a job with a company that contracts for NASA.

Chris and I got married in June of 2015 and were pregnant by October. We didn’t plan on having our precious Will so early in our marriage. I wanted five years with just Chris before having kids. But I think God laughs sometimes when we tell him our plans. Luckily his plans turn out so much better than ours do.

I’m decidedly in favor of DIY projects and decidedly against mom-shaming. This blog is my place to take a stand against superiority and to share creativity.

I am project-driven, and I hope to help you get creative for cheap. When your child is down for a nap, you spend your precious two hours alone pinning projects and wishing you knew where to start. You long to add some personal touches to your home with a hand-lettered sign, but you have terrible handwriting. When you walk through home decor stores, you sneakily take pictures of pretty signs to create later because you can’t afford the $50 price tag.

That is exactly where I started. At some point,I had to actually start on all of my projects.

I want to help you start yours, too. Kiddo nap time is essential both for babies and for mommies. It keeps them from getting too grumpy, and it gives us a window of time to knock out a pallet sign or sew a couple throw pillows. Let me help you maximize today’s nap time. I post tutorials on many of my projects and outline exactly how I do it. I also always try to give you an accurate nap count (how many naps it takes) for each project.

So here’s to endless project-ing, empowering moms, and making the most of naptimes!