I am not a wizard. Hagrid is not coming to tell me that I am. I am not a hobbit with a powerful ring or a badass girl with a bow. I’m not saving the world in any heroic way. I’m simply me: a young mom taking care of her baby boy and loving her husband as best I can. I’m a woman who struggles with contentment.

Sometimes, I wish for a more adventurous life. I dream of quests and dangers and a definable purpose. Fighting orcs or competing in the TriWizard tournament seem like better ways to spend time than cleaning spit up and changing poopy diapers. I long for one set purpose. I want to be the main character of an epic.

But I’m not.

I’ve struggled with this since high school. The need for adventure and excitement haunts me. I have such a hard time being content. But when I look closer at the characters of any of those stories, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Katniss, Harry, Ron, or Hermione, I see that they don’t love their adventure. They aren’t happy to be on it. Frodo spends the entire quest feeling guilty about putting his friends in danger and terrified of continuing on. The orcs kidnap Merry and Pippin. Katniss is in an arena just trying to not be killed. Harry is by far the happiest of any of these, but in the moments when he is focused on Voldemort, he’s not looking forward to the “adventure”.

To any of these characters, their tasks are just that: tasks. They don’t see it as a huge adventure, and they don’t love every second of it.

Do I really want to live the life of one of these characters? No. Leaving my home forever or seeing the people I love in peril are not things that I want. I love my life. I love staying home with Will, and I love being married to Chris. Sure, I’d enjoy a little more excitement. For now, deconstructing pallets, drinking copious amounts of tea, and cherishing every smile of my baby boy and husband make for a pretty great life. In the end, perhaps all my little tasks will amount to one great adventure.

Above all, I want to live a content life. I want to be happy being a mom and living the life of a mom and wife. So here’s to living a contented life!


  1. I love this! I so often find myself comparing my SAHM life to others on social media who are always jetsetting and it’s hard not to get a little jealous, but then I remember that I’m responsible for raising two human beings to be good people, and that’s a tremendous “task” in and of itself!

  2. I love this 🙂 Everyone’s “adventure” is different for them – depending on what they find excitement and content in. I feel the exact same way!

  3. Here, here mama!! This definitely resonated with me <3

  4. It is easy to find ourselves in a boredom rut as SAHMs. I agree that realizing the gifts inside our homes and our lives is crucial to satisfaction for anyone. Comparison is poison to happiness and satisfaction. Keep doing what you do!

  5. Agh!!! Love this! I have thought this so many times but this was the most adorable analogy ever!!!

  6. Life in itself is a beautiful adventure. 🙂 Here’s to the little things that all add up. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your adventure is just different than theirs. I have to remind myself of this often. Being a mom is the best adventure you can ever have!

  8. I resonate with so much of this! I’ve never thought to put myself in the characters’ shoes, though — what an interesting way to see that they may not have gone seeking their adventures and to let that feed your own contentment.

  9. Mom-ing is a great, lifelong adventure!

  10. A magic wand would be SOOO nice on some days, but the magic of motherhood is ALWAYS the best fix.

  11. This is so great! I often struggle with being a SAHM. I miss adventure and I sometimes feel like I don’t accomplish much by staying at home. This is a great reminder to be content where I am!


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